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Quality Water Scale Inhibitor & Whole House Water Descaler factory


At our water softener company, we believe in more than just providing products; we're committed to caring for people. Our dedication goes beyond water quality;

10-year Lifespan

Experience the benefits of JUSQ™ softened water for a decade with our robust water softener systems, ensuring long-term durability and customer satisfaction.


JUSQ™ solutions excel in performance & efficiently. Trusted by homeowners, they guarantee long-lasting solutions for improved water quality and comfort.


JUSQ™ proudly designs water treatment products with global applicability, ensuring effectiveness and adaptability across diverse water conditions worldwide.

Scale & Water Solutions

Water sustains life-it's fundamental to all human endeavors. At JUSQ™, our mission revolves around harnessing water's potential to address daily challenges. We consistently strive to pioneer inventive solutions that revolutionize our engagement with this indispensable resource. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of lifting heavy salt bags, dealing with leaky valves, and combating the harmful effects of limescale buildup.

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IPSE Central Water Softener

Integrated Physical Scale Elimination(IPSE) .

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Hazards of Water Scale can prevent with our descaling system

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Prospect Analysis of the water scale inhibition industry.

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Core technology - Material Introduction - Structural Properties

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Technology creates a different life with our unconventional tech central water softener.