What show should I watch?

I used to watch shows such as: Revenge (which became stupid and repetitive after 2 seasons) Once Upon a Time (Which I stopped watching almost year ago) and Game of Thrones (which I still watch, but it just doesn't have enough episodes) I would like to get some suggestions. Here's what I like in a show: - Storyline that doesn't get stupid or boring. - Action, but not just plain action, I like a show with everything, guys fighting guys, girls fighting girls, girls fighting guys (and actually winning for once). - Strong multi-dimensional characters, I like a character that you can spend hours thinking about and still not totally figure him/her out. - Not so many sexual scenes (that's something that bothers me about GoT) but still, have some sexual scenes here and there. - I like a show with supernatural stuff, powers and sh*t. (not necessary, but it's a good plus) - BADASSES. Badass girls, badass guys. All equal. ... british accents are good too i'm sorry for the long question but thanks SO much for your answers!