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Questions related to cars and trucks could be many. Do you have a repair question related to your car or truck? Are you looking into purchasing a new vehicle and want to know if the one you're looking at is a good purchase? What about the most fuel efficient vehicles, which ones are those? And are hybrids worth the money?

These are all relevant questions related to cars and trucks. Feel free to ask the question that you have and our matter experts will follow up on your request.

Common questions related to Cars & Trucks

A lot of the questions that will be asked here will be likely related to repair, should I purchase this, and manufacturer issues as well. If you are a car repairman or mechanic, we would like for you to signup as an editor on JusQ. If you are interested in constantly answering questions for our site visitors, we may be interested in paying you to do this. We may also take your help in building one of our websites too. So do drop us a line!

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Tire Problems, Rim Problems & Questions - How to Repair Tires, Leaks, Bent Spokes

Tire issues and rim issues can occur on your vehicle. If you hit a curb, your rim could be damaged and have spokes that are now bent. Or the spokes can even be damaged enough to come off the rim. These issues would require repair. There are ways that you can repair the problems yourself. Sometimes also issues with the vehicle's tires can occur. This could be not enough tread on the tire, tire leaks, and other. Knowing how to repair a tire is sometimes an excellent piece of knowledge to have.

2002 civic ex won't speed up past 25km per hour

From time to time (now more often), in traffic, my 2002 VTECH Civic Ex does not accelerate passed 20 mph. Check engine light stays on. I connected it to the computer and results were about an oxygen sensor. Someone told ...

Why some high end sports cars have velour seats?

Some very high end sports cars have velour covered seats (driver and passenger). While majority of such expensive sports cars have leather, suede seat coverings. Why use cheap material like Velour on such expensive costly ...

Tire problem! What should I do?

So there was this idiot that was in their car on top if a hill, and my mom's car was right below it. The car in front of us wouldn't take the turn for some reason, and our car was ...

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