Late monthly gift??? Help!?

i, I am a 20 year old college student who has always had irregular periods, to the point that I was on birth control for 5 years but went off of it before entering college. My boyfriend and I don't have vaginal sex and usually if we do anything (foreplay/anal) it is very protected. Well my periods range between 25-30 days apart from each other on average. And my last period ended on the 20th. Usually they last between 7-8 days of normal flow (spotting towards the end) and this month my period-tracker-app says I should've started the 15th. Obviously, that was 10 days ago and I'm getting a little worried. I did ovulate late, and I believe it was 2 weeks ago from today. I've been having the crankiness, weird hunger late at night, munchies to no appetite whatsoever. My boyfriend and I did have anal sex about 3 weeks ago, unprotected, which was very stupid but I thought I was out of the 'red zone' of high fertility and now I'm not sure if I was. Also, I was 'spotting' a bit about a week or so ago. So I guess I just need something to ease my mind, I'm starting to realize my body is very sensitive to stress, which being in college I get a lot of, but I really just need to hear your thoughts. Chances of being pregnant? Ideas? Please no bashing, I'm already worried enough as it is... Thank you!