What do you do when you miss people?

I have a problem...I relocated from my hometown to a new city about a year ago. Although I wasn't close to ANYONE in my hometown...in high school I was really reserved, shy, always absent, hardly knew anyone. I thought no one liked me... But there were a couple people who weren't anywhere near being a close friend but we were good acquaintances and I really miss them a lot... Also now on Instagram and Facebook a lot of the people I went to high school with are being so friendly to me, liking most of my posts, commenting on my stuff. This summer I was thinking of going if going back for college there...but I actually really don't want to move back there. It's an okay nice city but I would feel kinda dumb going back idk. I miss the people there but don't want to move back... I actually really want to go to nyc for college...what do I do?