Plumbing:Questions related to plumbing - how to fix leaky sink, how to install plumbing lines

Questions related to plumbing can be many. For the most part, people like to try and do their own plumbing - or DIY (do it yourself). If you feel comfortable with do it yourself plumbing, you can certainly ask questions here about how to do some of it. Likely you'll have repair questions and "what do I do" kind of questions.

If you don't feel comfortable with doing the plumbing yourself, you can always ask questions here about where to find the best plumber, too. The cheapest rates, or the best job - sometimes it's more important to pay and get the job done then save a few bucks.

Questions related to plumbing

  • How do I repair my kitchen sink?
  • Help, I need to find a local plumbing contractor!
  • One of my pipes is plugged, can you help me? How do I plunge it a plugged pipe?
  • How much would it cost to replace my toilet?
  • How much would it cost to build a bathroom?
  • How can I build my own shower? Where is the best place to purchase shower kits?