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Having a bad health is never a good thing. Having a good health is important to long life and happiness. So, often times you will find people asking questions related to their health. What are the signs and symptoms of this disease? Of cancer, HIV, infection, etc.? All important questions to ask.

Feel free to ask whatever question you have related to health and diseases, but keep in mind - it's still not an alternative to your family doctor. If you feel you might have a disease or etc., seeing your family doctor is still very important! Don't rely entirely on things you read online.

What is my stomic like this?

Ok so my stomic gets bloated after any drink or meal and I vomit everything I consume and I get naussa this been going on for 30 years now I vomit everyday after everymeal I don't no what it is ...

How to heal a chronic anal fissure help!?

For a few years I have been dealing with anal fissures on and off. about three months ago I developed quite a nasty one due to constipation - I had just moved to university and my diet was poor. Everytime ...

I think that I may have OCD?

Ok so I was looking into OCD and I saw 2 articles, one by health magazine and the other from fox news that are signs you might have OCD and more than half of those signs fit me. How do ...

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