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My son won't have kids and I want to be a grandfather, what should I do? These are some of the kind of questions you may ask, if you are going to post family related questions into this forum. Questions related to marriage issues can be posted here too. You can always ask for advice on these kind of things in an anonymous kind of environment.

Questions about marriage, proposal

Marriage questions can be posted here. How do you keep the spice in your marriage? If you have any issue with your husband or wife, you can post it here and ask for advice. However, please don't post things about your this and that cheating partner! Well, you can, just keep it censored, alrighty?

Questions about getting a Mom or Dad to be proud of you

Sometimes kids ask - my parents never seem to be happy about anything I do. How can I make my parents happy or proud of me in their eyes? This is an important question for some, especially if they feel neglected or under-appreciated. Resolving this should be your first concern as a parent. If your child feels this way, it's likely that you have not been there enough for them. Or you have not given them enough praise. It's very critical that children are told they're doing a good job. If they do something that is good, be sure to tell them - good job, Sam! Or Andrea. Etc.

Questions about abuse - physical or verbal in the household

Sometimes kids ask about what to do, when they have confrontations with their family. Verbal abuse sometimes can happen in the family. It's not a good thing, especially if it's recurring. The best way to avoid arguing or having verbal abuse in the home is to always have a smile on your face. Be nice to your kids! Say nice things to them and show them you really love them and care for them. Ask them how they are doing in school or how their homework is going. Try to participate with them as much as possible in whatever it is they like. At young ages, kids need their parents to help them figure out what interests them, too. Try offering to enroll your kids in baseball, basketball, hockey or other. Even a card game club like Magic: The Gathering can be fun!

Got caught sneaking out?

So my friends wanted to shovel some houses for money and invited me. I sai yea and called my mom and aksed her i i could, she said no. I just continued on and went shovelig tho. Halfway through she ...

why is my brother so mean?

So a little like my last question im now just having problems with my brother. As said he is very mean to me but now my mum and my dad. He always is backtalking to them and Im no angel. ...

Serverly depressed and lost?

My marriage is over we don't communicate I hate how he disciplines the kids I don't want to leave because Im not use to change. I am a stay at home mom. My kids don't communicate with me there's no ...

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